Pattaya Attractions – About Page

Pattaya is world renowned as the entertainment capital of Thailand and somewhere that tourists love to come for R & R.

The seaside resort nestled on the Gulf of Thailand’s shores has many attractions and numerous daily events to keep an ever expanding tourist industry booming.

Here at Pattaya Attractions we will impart the best places to go and the things to see of most interest. Not only are there wonderful water sports, but unique individual attractions that light up this corner of the Kingdom.

Whether you are keen on sporting activities or prefer the more arty and cultural things in life, Pattaya does not disappoint.

There are some wonderful wildlife parks, museums, golf courses, music venues, galleries, shopping, restaurants, malls, cinemas, not to mention world famous ladyboy cabaret shows.

The choices are bewildering, and often confusing. Where and When to go? What is the best time? Are children allowed?

These are frequently posed questions that we at Pattaya Attractions know the answers to.

Our blogs will tell you:

  • What events are happening in town
  • The top attractions not to miss
  • Where is the best scuba diving
  • The best way to travel about
  • Where to stay
  • The best places to dine
  • The low down on the nearby islands

And many other striking things to participate during your stay in Pattaya City and the Eastern Seaboard.

Make Pattaya Attractions your number one stop to find out what is happening in remarkable Pattaya, don’t risk in missing out on anything.